I Am...

an unexpected, eclectic, dope, dark beauty with a crown of warrior locs.


I have a RBF, but I was just born like that. 


I’m more like “whatchu’ up to Willis?”


I love to impersonate people when I tell stories, although I'm told most of my characters sound the same. 


If I'm m.i.a. you may find me underneath a cloud of overthinking. 


I’m fluent in several languages: English, Human, Astrology, Spanish (muy poco) and Atlanta Ebonics (srsly, it's called AAVE) with random inflictions of music lyrics and movie lines. Lol. Let's chat!

Looking to be paid by the brain.

Building my Copy Seer powers one campaign at a time.

Let's Link, email me: niasfree@gmail.com