Music Miles 

Copywriter: Nia Free         Art Director: Shamelah Hampton

Music Miles is a way for music lovers to stream when they ride... and get rewarded for it! 


Stream music when you ride. Earn miles. Get rewards. Through a three- tiered system, streamers can earn tickets to a Spot Fest (a Spotify sponsored concert, early releases, discounts on music and more!    

The in-app reward feature will allow users to easily keep track of their miles. A three tiered system will encourage all users to listen to their favorite music to earn more rewards showing them how far until they reach their next goal. 

posters will meet people in the streets;

subway and transit...

-even rideshare,

to let them know streaming while riding can help them earn rewards.

Billboards and...

OOH: Billboard
OOH: Gas Pump
OOH: Bus Stop